About Dakota Loft

For seventeen years, I have been Scott’s race secretary at Club, Combine, Concourse, and Federation levels. All my experiences with Scott have been positive and I feel I know him very well. I know him as a great competitor; I know he has a passion for birds in his heart, and I know he breeds a lot of Champion Birds.

Scott has bred (17) “AU Elite Registered Champions” and there are others that are real close. All of the points were earned from old birds. He has also accumulated many AU and Digest bird and loft awards. To quote Scott, “The birds that win the one hundred can also win the three, four, five, and six hundred, or they are not kept.” Scott knows how to breed birds that win at all the distances of short, middle, and long.

For the past fifteen years, The Dakota Loft has produced the top old bird race results in The Twin Cities area as well as in the Midwest National Classic Race. In the 400 mile Topeka Classic, (THE TRUE MINNESOTA STATE RACE) Dakota Loft placed in the top five birds in back to back years in the MN 400 mile class and did the same thing in the overall class.

2006 - 119 lofts/1441 birds and 2007 - 102 lofts/1141 birds

Jerry Vernon, Heartland Federation Race Secretary

2014 Old Bird Season was another Fantastic year for The Dakota Lofts.

Winning: Grand Champion Loft   3 Straight Years in the HRPF !

Winning: Grand Champion Bird 3 Straight Years in the HRPF with 3 different birds!

The only Loft in the HRPF to qualify for Marathon Triple Crown.


Long Distance Ace Bird.

Marathon Ace Triple Crown.

Long Distance Team Score.

Long Distance Champion Loft. 

Winning Average Speed Long & Overall Grand Champion Loft   8 of the last 10 years. All Flying in a 200 mile front.  


2013 Heartland Federation "For The 5th Straight  Year Dakota Loft Wins Long & Over-All Average Speed."  

For the Third Year in a row Dakota Loft is one of America's Top Old Bird Racing Lofts.

Racing Pigeon Digest 2012 Award Long Distance Ace 1ST AU 07 DL 268 BCH Scott Bennis, Dakota Loft, Farmington, MN 97.85 Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation

Overall Ace Pigeons 5th AU 07 268 DL BCH Scott Bennis, Dakota Loft, Farmington, MN 97.85 Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation

DIGEST ACE OLD BIRD LOFT (301 TO 500 BIRDS)2ND Scott Bennis, Dakota Loft, Farmington, MN Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation


For the second Straight Year Dakota Loft is One of America's Top Old Bird Racing lofts.

Racing Pigeon Digest 501-1000 Birds. 2011