2015 Old Bird Season was another Fantastic year for The Dakota Lofts.


Winning: Grand Champion Bird 4 Straight Years in the HRPF with 4 different birds!


Winning: Average Speed Long & Overall Grand Champion Loft & OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION BIRD 8 of the last 11 years.


 All Flying in a 200 mile front.          


Welcome to Dakota Loft  One of America's Best Old Bird Racing Lofts. My name is Scott Bennis, I am a proud homebred Minnesotan from the land of 10,000 lakes. I started in the racing pigeon game as a young man but became very active as an adult. My fortune was that I had a great friend and mentor, “Ron Pavlak”, who taught me how to breed and race the birds.      Please Take a look at our Accomplishments Page. 18 Straight Years of Winning.

From the Blood Lines of the Legendary Lofts of Geoff Kirkland & Marc Roosen!

We have developed a family of outstanding breeding and racing pigeons that excel at all Distances, especially the Fours, Fives, and Sixes. Roosen, Van Elsacker, Desmetmathys and Alfonsbowens from the Gold Wing Line make up the core off my family of birds. I fly Double Widowhood round about system.

These Champions are my own not bought or borrowed and are not based on some other pigeon fancier’s record. They are bred, born, and raced in the U S A. This team of birds has accomplished outstanding race results.

Number One Old Bird Producing loft of National Awards in the Midwest. Housing several  AU Registered Champions and Seventeen (17) ELITE Registered Champions

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Dakota Loft Birds are winning all over the USA.

2014 One Loft Races Dakota Loft Wins 1st Place @ 200 and 300 Mile Races

Once Again Dakota Loft is at the top of the Digest National Awards for 2013 Old Birds Placing 3rd in 301-500 bird Loft Awards. Flying in 175 mile front.  

Dakota Loft Wins 1st Place Overall Grand Champion 2013

North American Breeders Cup

Dakota Loft Wins equal 1st with two of the same birds back to back weeks 300 and 380 miles. The only loft to do so in the 2013 North American Breeders Cup Race.

Dakota Loft Wins 1st Place Overall Grand Champion 2013 North American Breeders Cup.   "Six race series."

Offering children off of these two Champion Birds in 2014.


New 2013

1St Place 2013 AU Hall of Fame Marathon Triple Crown  AU-07-DL-222 USA


DAKOTA LOFT Wins for the 5th Straight Year Long and Over All Grand Speed Champion.

Winning Long and Over All Average Speed In the HRPF 8 of the last 9 Years.

DAKOTA LOFT  Wins 11 of 16 HRPF Speed, Loft and Bird Awards for 2013.

Simply Unmatched.


Scott Bennis of Dakota Loft will be the Guest Speaker at the Texas Hill Country Invitational RPC Seminar & Auction. This is your chance to purchase my 24 hand picked Birds from my very Best. Saturday Dec 7th, 2013 in the New Braunfels Texas Area.  Phone-in bids 

Scott is available for seminars on a wide variety of racing and breeding topics from loft design to flying, feeding methods and liberating race birds.  He has been using these methods to produce the Top Race Results anywhere in the U.S.A for over sixteen straight years. Please email or call 651-208-0667

2012 Top Four Champion Birds in The Heartland Federation are all AU Elite Registered Champions.

For the Third Year in a row Dakota Loft is one of America's Top Old Bird Racing Lofts.

Racing Pigeon Digest 2012 Award Long Distance Ace 1ST AU 07 DL 258 BCH Scott Bennis, Dakota Loft, Farmington, MN 97.85 Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation

Overall Ace Pigeons 5th AU 07 258 DL BCH Scott Bennis, Dakota Loft, Farmington, MN 97.85 Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation

DIGEST ACE OLD BIRD LOFT 2nd 301 TO 500 BIRDS  Scott Bennis, Dakota Loft, Farmington, MN Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation

For the second Straight Year Dakota Loft is One of America's Top Old Bird Racing lofts.

Racing Pigeon Digest 501-1000 Birds. 2011

2013 Heartland Federation  "For The 5th Straight  Year Dakota Loft Wins Long & Over-All Average Speed."  



Featured Bird

Bird Man
AU 97 RVR 1302
Nest mate to "Triple Crown" 1301 both AU Elite Champions.
  • 2nd - 285 miles
    66 birds - 6 lofts

  • 18th - 600 miles
    462 birds - 47 lofts

  • 5th - 411 miles
    2255 birds - 164 lofts

  • 12th - 600 miles
    673 birds - 51 lofts

  • 1st - 210 miles
    703 birds - 68 lofts

  • 9th - 600 miles
    710 birds - 55 lofts

  • 2nd - 600 miles
    885 birds - 55 lofts!


Scott Bennis Holding Two Pete Demaio Memorial Trophies that 5025 & 5026 (nest mates) Won in the Two Six Hundred mile Races!

For the past 17 years, The Dakota Loft has produced the top old bird race results in The Twin Cities area as well as in the Midwest National Classic Race.

Contact Scott
Telephone: 651.460.8153
Cell: 651.208.0667

Write Scott
20837 Bentley Ct
Farmington, MN 55024